Carroll Wellness Center

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"Friendly, Helpful Staff."

"Friendly, helpful staff and a well-equipped facility make the CWC a great place to exercise."
Tina Como


Michaela Smith

Facility Director

Jenny Dowdy

Administrative Assistant

Carrie Phipps, ACSM-CPT, SFS, CETI-ECS

Restoration Specialist Coordinator and Certified Personal Trainer

Tommy Sharp, NASM-CPT

Personal Training Coordinator

Teresa Richardson

Senior Program Coordinator & Front Desk Attendant

Blake Phipps, CPO, WSI

Aquatics Coordinator

Kenzie Marshall, ACSM-CPT, EP, BS

Restoration Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer

Lexi Phillips

Restoration Specialist


Restoration Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer

Kristina Delp, NASM-YES

Front Desk Receptionist & Membership Support

Mindy Chaffin

Front Desk Receptionist

Lauren Bond

Front Desk Receptionist

Tyler Towe, NASM-CPT

Lifeguard and Certified Personal Trainer

Katelyn Wheatley


Jackie Dorsey, WSI

Water Safety Instructor (WSI) & Lifeguard

Doris Halsey

Kidz Zone (Childcare) Attendant

Ianna Dennis

Kidz Zone (Childcare) Attendant & Housekeeping

Alex Dorsey

Kidz Zone (Childcare) Attendant

Brook Phipps

Kidz Zone (Childcare) Attendant


Sherri Bobbitt

Group Exercise Coordinator
Pump It Up, Cardio Kickboxing, Sizzlers

Mandy Dennis, IFTA-CPT

Cardio Kickboxing, Defense Cond.

Carrie Phipps, CPT, SFS, CETI-ECS

Morning Motion (Aquatic)

Amy Hurt, NASM-CNC

Water Cardio (Aquatic), Dance Fitness

Audrey Mills


Tran Shipman

Tai Chi, Yoga

Sarah Allen

Combat Cardio

Tom Pluer

55+ Cross Training

Jessica Watson