Meet Our Staff

Greg Hampton

Executive Director, Personal Trainer
Greg is an NSCA Certified Trainer with over 25 years weight room/fitness experience. He is an avid weightlifter having competed in several power lifting and bodybuilding competitions in past years. He is also available for diet and nutrition information and advice. Greg transitioned from a 14 year banking career to CWC when the facility first opened in 2004 and returned in May 2015.

Greg is also avaliable in the CWC weight room for general fitness consultation as well as one on one personal training. You may contract Greg with any questions or to schedule a personal training session by calling CWC at 276-728-2500 or emailing him at
“You give what you give. What you don’t give is lost forever. This day will never come again.”

Michaela Smith

Administrative Assistant

Michaela has been employed at CWC since November 2010. She’s is the Administrative Assistant, Certified Pool Operator, weight room staffer, and works in the supervised play area occasionally. Michaela enjoys swimming laps, running, and lifting weights in her free time.
“You don’t have to be great to start. But you do have to start to be great.”