TigerSharks Swim Team

Summer Season Blue Ridge Swim League

The Carroll Wellness Center has a home swim team called the Tigersharks, under the supervision of Roseanne Black. The Tigersharks mission statement is to “promote, educate, instruct, and train swimmers to be competitive in a positive atmosphere.” Tigersharks have swim meets with Wythe, Galax, Dobson, Mt. Airy, and Elkin, to name a few venues. Meets are typically on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Meet season is June and July with the conference meet around the end of July.

Kids between the ages of 5-18 are eligible to participate for points and ribbons. All swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted. These swimmers must meet CWC prerequisites to join the swim team. We do offer Youth Conditioning during the “off’ months. This enables the young swimmer to improve stroke techniques and speed prior to swim team training in the Spring. There will be a one time summer league fee in addition to team swim team suit, goggles and travel expense. There are fund-raising opportunities during the pre-season and regular season to help offset some of the expenses.

FEES: Swim TEAM Registration: $40.00 for the first child, $37.00 for each additional child in the family. NON-members – registration fee PLUS monthly membership of $25.00

PRACTICES: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 4:30 -5:30 p.m.

YOUTH SWIM and CONDITIONING: No fee for members, $25.00/month Youth Swim Membership available to non-members. Only allowed to use the Aquatic Area.

There are conference fees if you wish to participate in the conference meet at the end of July.

CWC Tigersharks YOUTH CONDITIONING Overall Information:

What: Youth Conditioning, one aspect of CWC ‘s youth programming, seeks to improve the physical conditioning of children between the ages of 5-18 through workouts in the pool. Youth Conditioning improves physical fitness through instruction and practice in the technical aspects of competitive swimming strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Why: Aquatic exercise helps youngsters achieve physical fitness, combat obesity, and provide activitiy leading to a healthy and wholesome life.

When: CWC began its 2012 Youth Conditioning program in January 2012. The program was offered twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays through the winter and spring of 2012. The program took a break during the month of March.

The Tigersharks had two Winter 2012 meets. The first was at the Wytheville Recreation Center on Saturday, February 11, 2012. The second meet was at home on Saturday, March 10, 2012. Summer Swim Team registration usually runs between April 1 and April 15. Non-members are WELCOME to participate on the swim team for an additional $25.00 per month. Swim team is for youth ages 5-18.

Cost: Youth Conditioning is free for those children who are CWC members through their family’s membership. Otherwise, parents may purchase Swim Memberships at $25/month to defray the cost of their children participating in Youth Conditioning. A Swim Membership entitles your child to swim in the pool at any time (not just during Youth Conditioning sessions).

Connection to CWC Swim Team: While participation in Youth Conditioning frequently leads children to participate on CWC’s Tigersharks Swim Team, some children may choose not to participate on the swim team. Youth Conditioning is a stand-alone program but does provide the fitness and swim practice that can lead to a successful stint as a CWC Tigershark. Each child makes the decision on whether to become a Tigershark.

Who: Roseanne Black and Joi Ogle are the coaches for Youth Conditioning and the CWC Tigershark Swim Team. If you need more information about your child’s participation on these programs, please call Roseanne at CWC, (276) 728-2500.